We will resume the dojo

We will resume the dojo from tomorrow on March 31. The dojo may be closed again at the request of the government or city. In that case, please keep checking the blog because you will be noticed on it.


We would like you to cooperate the measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus sequentially. Please keep the followings.


1. Please refrain from visiting the dojo if you fall under the following. ・ You have a slight cold symptom or feel unwell ・ You generated heat including the slight fever within the past 4 days.


* Please note that if the instructor determines that you are not in good health, you will be refused entry.


*Please refrain from visiting the dojo if your family members have the above symptoms,too.



2. If you or your family members have any of the following, please refrain from visiting the dojo for at least two weeks after the symptoms have resolved. ・ Patients who have a cold or a fever of 37.5 degrees or more for 4 days or more ・ Person who must keep taking antipyretic ・ Severe drowsiness and breathlessness



3. The mat laid in front of shoe boxes are prohibited on shoes. Be sure to take off your shoes and go up.



4. When you come to the dojo and put your luggage, please do "alcohol disinfection of your fingers", "wash your hands properly" (read this: affixed to the entrance of the dojo and the water heater) and "gargle" (Please prepare your own towels). No need to put your attendance card(we do it).



Please cooperate as we will implement the following infection control measures.


・ Because ventilation is done frequently, you can put on something on your gi or wear socks even during class not to get your body cold.


・ As mentioned above, be sure to clean your hands and gargle before touching anything in the dojo. We disinfect doorknobs, benches and toilets frequently.


For parents who want minors to join the class

For minors participating in the practice, please fill out the consent form so that parents can confirm 1 and 2 above. Submission of a consent form is required every time. Parents should fill out the dojo directly before the class or have the child take the completed form. Please bring the paper from the dojo (we will give it to your child) or print out what we sent in the group message of Line.


Visitors and those who want a trial lesson

Please make an advance reservation from the contact form posted at the bottom of the English site.

Please note that those who do not make advance reservations will not be allowed to participate in practice.