Notice of temporary closure

I am sorry that I just announced the schedule for April, but we will close the dojo temporarily again.


At the press conference on March 30, Governor of Tokyo said that it was still a serious phase of the spread of the new type of corona infection and asked to refrain from going out on weekdays nights and weekends until April 12.


It is very unfortunate that closing the dojo will deprive members of the pleasure and means of health maintanance, but I believe that opening our dojo may lead to medical collapse and eventually death of somebody and I decided to close here.


This time, we will be closed from  April 1 to April 12 and cut the monthly membership fee by half.


The monthly fees for April have already been deducted on March 27, so we will deduct to halve the monthly fees for may.


Also, if you want the suspension of your membership, please contact us as it will be accepted from 1 month.


During the temporary closure, we plan to distribute technique and training videos online so that we can help and let you have a fun as much as possible. So please send us your request about videos.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.