Temporary closure period will be extended

On April 8, the Japanese government issued a declaration of emergency.


Seven prefectures including Tokyo were designated as targets, and requests for self-restraint were made once again.


In response to this, We have decided to extend the temporary closure of Tri-force Gotanda till May 6. 


During this period, TFG(Tri-force Gotanda) online classes will be held every day except for the regular closing days 10, 20, and 30.


I don't think it's not enough as a alternative to coming to the dojo and practicing together, but we hope it helps keep you physically and mentally healthy.


Although it will be a long closing period, look forward to the day when everyone can gather at the dojo again, try to stay home to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.


In the near future, you should be able to return to your jiu-jitsu situation.


Maintain your exercise habits and prepare your mind and body so that you can return to Jiu-Jitsu immediately.


TFG online classes will be broadcast live on Facebook at 17:00 on weekdays and 13:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you have the time, exercise together.


If you can't do it at that time, do it at your own convenient time.


I want to offer the classes so that everyone feels like participating actually because exercising alone requires a great deal of will.


We look forward to your feedback. Please tell me your suggestion and request about the online class by e-mail.


We were planning to refund half of the monthly membership fee, but it will be closed a whole month in April, so the monthly fee for April will be drawn only 2,100 yen from your bank account, same as the membership suspension fee. 


Thankfully, a few members have told me they don't need a refund and we are offering them another online Jiu Jitsu classes distributed by Triforce Headquarters. * The Triforce HQ provides members with a headquarters online Jiu-Jitsu class as an alternative to the closure, but Triforce Gotanda does not qualify for a headquarters online Jiu-Jitsu class because the monthly membership fee refund is an alternative to the closure. 


If you would like this online Jiu-Jitsu class distributed by Triforce Headquarters, Please contact us by e-mail by 18:00 on April 9th. We will send the URL of the delivery video to the address of the email we received.


Tri-force Gotanda

Toru Nakayama