we will resume sparring in some classes!

The number of infected people in Tokyo is decreasing, and the request for closure was eased in Step 3, so Triforce Gotanda will resume sparring in some classes from next week.


Reservation is required (up to 12 students) to participate in the class in which sparring is conducted.


If the numbers of the participants are less than the capacity, you can jump in without a reservation, but if you exceed the capacity, you cannot participate.


Please understand that it is a measure to avoid becoming dense.


First, we have set the reservation systemu for next week only. As soon as we know the approximate ratio of whether or not the mask is required, we will abolish the reservation system and adjust the class schedule as necessary.


Please make a reservation via email to tf.gotanda@gmail.com. Be sure to let us know your name, the date, time and name of the classes you want to join when making a reservation. 


If you have any questions regarding reservation methods, please contact us.


・The classe you need to make a reservation are only the following. Monday    Regular 11:00-12:00, 19:30-20:30 Tuesday   Regular 21:00-22:00 Wednesday    Regular 18:00-19:00 Thursday    Nogi 10:00-11:00, Regular 21:00-22:00 Friday    sparring 20:15-20:45 Saturday    Nogi 14:30-15:30 Sunday    Regular 14:30-15:30

*You can wear a mask to participate. *If there are classes that require wearing a mask before and after, please wear a mask outside the class.


・Please note that the class schedule after Advanced Class on Friday will be changed. Advanced 19:30-20:15 Sparring 20:15-20:45 Introduction 20:45-21:45



As I wrote before, we have different ways of thinking about infection risk, and we ask that both people who need a mask and those who do not need a mask be able to practice comfortably.


Toru Nakayama