Temporary closure period will be extended again.

The Japanese government has announced that it will extend the emergency declaration until May 31st. 


Due to this, Tri-force Gotanda will extend the temporary closing period until May 31st.


It is said that there is a possibility that the declaration will be reviewed around May 14th and canceled before the date. In that case, we will inform you again.


During that time, we will continue to deliver online classes to help you.


We would like to thank all the members for paying the membership fee even when the dojo had been closed. 


please note that we will continue to deduct 2,100 yen as the membership maintenance fee from your bank account.


In order to maintain the dojo, we are applying for loans and subsidies as long as we can receive from the national and the metropolitan government, but the best help for us is that you keep being a member. It supports us mentally, not only financially.


Please contact us from tf.gotanda@gmail.com if you have any question or request.


I am very disappointed that I still must be away from doing Jiujitsu with you due to the extension.

I'm not very good at socializing, but I'm keenly aware of the importance of meeting people.


Until the dojo will restarts, I will continue to deliver online classes to make you feel like you are enjoying Jiu Jitsu in the dojo. Although it is persistent, please feel free to send us your opinions and requests.


It's a very hard time, but please exercise as regularly as possible to maintain your health so that you can perform good Jiu Jitsu when we resume the dojo!

Toru Nakayama