Partial change of the dojo rule

Please reconfirm again the prevention of infectious diseases in Triforce Gotanda because the declaration of emergency will be issued on the 25th tomorrow. In addition, we changed the two items of "Prevention of ingeftious diseases" and shown them in red, so please check that as well.


We have been truly grateful to every members for your cooperation in infectious disease prevention measures since the past year. We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.


Prevention of infectious diseases


All visitors are kindly requested to agree to the following.


1. Please refrain from entering the dojo if you fall under the following.


* Those who continue to have cold symptoms such as coughing and sneezing (including those with mild symptoms)

  * Those who have had a fever within the past 48 hours.

* Those who have strong fatigue (malaise) or suffocation.

* People with cough, sputum, or chest discomfort.

* Those who have a slight sense of discomfort in taste and smell.

* Those who have close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus infection.

  * Those who have traveled to a country / region within the past 14 days that the government has announced that they need an entry restriction, an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident.

  * Those who have the above symptoms or have any applicable points in their relatives or close contacts


・ Wipe the soles at the entrance. Do not get on the mat in front of the shoe box with your shoes on.


・ Visitors should clean their hands with alcohol at the entrance and fill in their name and time on the form.


During the state of emergency : 

Please wear a mask in the dojo except when sparring.

・Of course, it is OK to remove it when drinking water or while keeping a social distance. 


・ Please do not touch anything in the dojo as much as possible until you wash your hands after visiting.


・ Immediately wash your hands after placing your bag and coat.


・ You can change your clothes without entering the changing room unless you can see it from the outside. But in that case only the upper body is allowed to be naked.


During the state of emergency : 

You can not participate in 2 classes in a row. 

・Sparring class on Monday and Friday is considered as one class together with the Master class and Advanced class that precede it.


・You can enter within 30 minutes before the class starts, and you are required to leave within 30 minutes after the class ends. If you would like to do remnant practice in an open mat, please record it on the form at the entrance. Be sure to finish the remnant practice with plenty of time before the next class, and be sure to clean and disinfect the areas you are using.


・ When a junior high school student and below participate in the class, please submit the parental consent form.


Family and kids classes


・ For safety reasons, no mask is worn.


・Elementary school students who do not participate in Kids class can participate in Family  class, but please refrain from attending both classes to avoid congestion.


・ Kids class participants should submit their parent's consent form every time.


・ Kids must wear a mask when participating in a mask-required class.