Changes of the dojo rules from March 22nd

With the cancellation of the state of emergency on the 22nd (Mon), the infectious disease countermeasures for Triforce Gotanda will be changed as follows.


・ Resuming sparring and changing mask wearing rules

Only the introductory class at 18:00 on Friday is required to wear a mask and has no sparring. In other classes, wearing a mask is optional and sparring will be resumed.


・ Use of open mat and participation in 2 classes in a row

Please record it on the reception form.

If you want to participate in the second class, please change into a new gi. Advanced class and sparring class are considered as one class.

If you do a remnant practice, please finish it with plenty of time before the start of the next class, and disinfect and clean the used place.


・ Resumption of kids advanced class

Those who attend Kids advanced class after Kids beginner class don't need to change a gi.


● The dojo will continue to do the following to prevent infectious diseases.



・ The dojo is always ventilated by opening two windows, one on the entrance side and the other on the back side, to create an air flow.



・ Mats, doorknobs, lighting switches, flooring, etc. are disinfected with alcohol or benzalkonium chloride at the time of cleaning after each class.


● We would like to ask our members for their cooperation in the following.


About physical condition

Those who meet the following items will not be allowed to visit.


* Those who continue to have cold symptoms such as coughing and sneezing (including those with mild symptoms)

* Those who have had a fever within the past 48 hours.

* Those who have strong fatigue (malaise) or suffocation.

* People with cough, sputum, or chest discomfort.

* Those who have a slight sense of discomfort in taste and smell.

* Those who have close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus infection.

* Those who have the above symptoms or have any applicable points to their cohabitants or close contacts.

* Those who have traveled to a country / region within the past 14 days that the government has announced that they need an entry restriction, an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident.



Disinfection of the soles of shoes

・ Wipe the soles at the entrance. Do not step on the mat in front of the shoe box.


Visit record

・ Visitors should write their name and visit time on the form after disinfecting their hands with alcohol at the entrance.


Hand wash

・ After visiting the museum, please do not touch anything in the dojo until you have washed your hands.

・ After placing the bag and coat, wash your hands immediately in the correct way.


Temperature measurement

・ After washing your hands, measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Those who are above 37 ℃ and those who the instructor judges that they are in poor physical condition should refrain from practicing.


Use of changing rooms

・ If you can't change your clothes from the outside, you can change clothes at the flooring in front of the shelves without entering the changing room. In that case, only the upper body is allowed to be naked.