Schedule for July

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Saturday 10th       Closed


Tuesday 20th        Closed


Thursday 22nd     11: 00-12: 00 Basic    12: 30-13: 30 Mitsuhiro Shinoda De La Riva Guard Seminar (application required)    13: 30-14: 00 Free sparring


Friday 23rd           9: 30-10: 30 Kids Judo Special Class (application required)     11: 00-12: 00 Self-defense     12: 30-13: 30 Regular


Friday 30th           Closed


The following changes will be made from July. ・ Regular class of weekday evening and on Sunday will change to 90-minute. ・ Advanced and Master will change to 45 minutes for technique class where only blue belts and higher can participate and 45 minutes for sparring class where white belts can also participate. ・Each of the subsequent classes will be delayed by 15 minutes, as the time for the above Regular classes will be increased by 15 minutes. ・ The judo class will remain at 75 minutes to make it easier for jujutsu players to participate, but the start time will be moved back by 15 minutes. ・ Friday 11:00 Regular will be handled by Professor Kazuhiro Suzuki (Triforce Higashinakano Head Instructor)


See Google Calendar for details.


Toru Nakayama